Automation of technological and business processes

ISSN-print: 2312-3125
ISSN-online: 2312-931X
ISO: 26324:2012



O. F. Vynakov
E. V. Savolova
A. I. Skrynnyk


This overview article shows the advantages of a modern electric car as compared with internal combustion cars by the example of the electric vehicles of Tesla Motors Company. It (в смысле- статья) describes the history of this firm, provides technical and tactical characteristics of three modifications of electric vehicles produced by Tesla Motors. Modern electric cars are not less powerful than cars with combustion engines both in speed and acceleration amount. They are reliable, economical and safe in operation. With every year the maximum range of an electric car is increasing and its battery charging time is decreasing.Solving the problem of environmental safety, the governments of most countries are trying to encourage people to switch to electric cars by creating subsidy programs, lending and abolition of taxation. Therefore, the advent of an electric vehicle in all major cities of the world is inevitable.
Ключові слова:
Electric vehicles, company Tesla Motors, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model Х


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Vynakov, O., Savolova, E., & Skrynnyk, A. (2016). MODERN ELECTRIC CARS OF TESLA MOTORS COMPANY. Automation of Technological and Business Processes, 8(2).


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