Automation of technological and business processes

ISSN-print: 2312-3125
ISSN-online: 2312-931X
ISO: 26324:2012



П. В. Новіков
О. В. Степанець
Р. П. Саков


For microclimate control systems is proposed a control algorithm based on maintaining the desired discomfort index using a fuzzy logic controller. To assess the influence of the environment on humans, it is necessary to determine not only the quantitative value of individual microclimate parameters, but also the result of their overall impact on the human body. The existing complex methods of microclimate control are investigated. An approach to determine the index of discomfort has been analyzed. The values of the discomfort index are divided into ranges, depending on the average comfort sensations in the room for a person. The fundamentals of the theory of fuzzy sets are considered. The fuzzy logic controller is synthesized. A database of rules has been developed based on calculated values of the discomfort index. The intelligent system of automatic maintenance of comfortable microclimate conditions in the room is designed. Based on the calculated values of the discomfort index for all possible variants of the temperature values of dry and wet thermometers, a rule base for the fuzzy controller is built. The computer simulation of the obtained microclimate control system in the room is carried out based on the transfer functions of dry and wet thermometers. The results of mathematical modeling showed the effectiveness of using the proposed control algorithm. The control effect is made after processing the aggregated information directly from two sensors, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary inclusions for small fluctuations of each individual parameter. According to the results of modeling it can be noted compliance with the requirements of the received control system to maintain the desired level of discomfort index in the room, the minimum number of actuator inclusions, no overshoot and energy savings.
Ключові слова:
fuzzy logic, fuzzy controller, discomfort index, microclimate, HVAC, temperature, humidity.


Як цитувати
Новіков, П., Степанець, О., & Саков, Р. (2018). FUZZY-КОНТРОЛЕР ПІДТРИМАННЯ МІКРОКЛІМАТУ В ПРИМІЩЕННІ ЗА ЗНАЧЕННЯМИ ІНДЕКСУ ДИСКОМФОРТУ. Automation of Technological and Business Processes, 9(4).


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