Automation of technological and business processes

ISSN-print: 2312-3125
ISSN-online: 2312-931X
ISO: 26324:2012



Ф. Д. Матіко
В. І. Роман
О. Я. Масняк


In this paper, the authors conducted study of a number of parameters configuring the CFD-program Flow Simulations of the CAD SolidWorks for increasing the efficiency of modelling of ultrasonic flowmeters and orifice flowmeters. According to the results of the work, the authors proposed criterion for the accuracy of mass flow reproduction by means of CFD simulation and the ranges of CFD-program Flow Simulations parameters setup of the CAD SolidWorks: the optimal type of boundary conditions at the inlet and outlet of the three-dimensional layout of the measuring section of the pipeline with a flow meter of a certain type is selected; location of the inlet section of the flowmeter; minimum-sufficient value of the level of fragmentation of the basic simulation grid; the distance between the creator modified grid of a three-dimensional layout. The recommendations suggested by the authors provide an opportunity to provide a reproduction of mass flow during the modelling of gas-dynamic phenomena in the considered flow meters with an error of not more than 1%, with the minimum possible duration of the model's solution. This allows you to improve the efficiency of simulations of flowmeters using the CFD-program Flow Simulations of the CAD SolidWorks. The results of the work are especially relevant when using computational fluid dynamics for conducting time-limited training courses for students of technical specialties, in particular in the field of automation and computer-integrated technologies. The recommendations given by the authors of the work on the software settings of CFD-program Flow Simulations of the CAD SolidWorks can be interpreted for both the considered and other CFD-programs that are used to solve scientific applications of ultrasonic flowmeters and orifice flowmeters.
Ключові слова:
computational fluid dynamics, three-dimensional layout, flowmeter, mass flow, CFD-simulation.


Як цитувати
Матіко, Ф., Роман, В., & Масняк, О. (2018). ОСОБЛИВОСТІ НАЛАШТУВАННЯ CFD-ПРОГРАМ ДЛЯ ПІДВИЩЕННЯ ЕФЕКТИВНОСТІ МОДЕЛЮВАННЯ ВИТРАТОМІРІВ. Automation of Technological and Business Processes, 9(4).


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