Food Science and Technology

ISSN-print: 2073-8684
ISSN-online: 2409-7004
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L. Vinnikova,
A. Kishenya
I. Strashnova
A. Gusaremko


Loss prevention and food quality maintenance are primarily associated with protection against the negative
impact of microorganisms and their metabolites during manufacture and storage. In this regard, in recent years, the issue of the
goods safety is of the top- priority in the food production. Meat and meat products are the most labour-intensive and expensive
to manufacture. Their main components (protein, fat, etc.) are a favourable environment for development of a variety of microorganisms.

This paper presents the results of the biotechnological property research of the Lactobacillus genus collection strains,
their effect on the microorganisms directly isolated from meat and on the collection strains (saprophytic, conditionally pathogenic
and pathogenic microorganisms). In particular, the antagonistic activity regarding the indicator and collection microorganisms,
acid activity and ability to survive at high salt concentrations and low above-zero temperatures have been studied.
Based on the experimental results, the most active strains for further study and use in the me

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Vinnikova, L., Kishenya, A., Strashnova, I., & Gusaremko, A. (2016). STUDY OF LACTIC ACID BACTERIA AS A BIO-PROTECTIVE CULTURE FOR MEAT. Food Science and Technology, 10(2).
Біопроцеси, біотехнологія харчових продуктів, БАР


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