Food Science and Technology

ISSN-print: 2073-8684
ISSN-online: 2409-7004
ISO: 26324:2012



E. Ghanbari Shendi
D. Sivri Ozay
M.T. Ozkaya


In this study, a Mobile Olive Oil Processing Unit (TEM Oliomio 500-2GV, Italy) was designed and used for cold press extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) production at optimum conditions. Local olive varieties “Beylik, Tavşan Yüreği, Uslu and Saurani in Antalya, Manisa, and Hatay provinces of Turkey were investigated in the present study. EVOO was stored before and after paper filtration. Generally, no significant change was observed in fatty acid composition during 60 days of storing and filtration had no detectable effect, but there was significant difference among EVOOs which was obtained from different cultivars. Results of this study showed that fatty acid profile of EVOOs was good method for classification of Turkish olive oils. Beylik and Tavşan Yüreği had higher oleic acid content than other cultivars. Saurani EVOO had the highest content of palmitic acid and stearic acid. The highest amount of linoleic acid was detected in EVOO of Uslu (Manisa) with the range of 12.06-12.09%. Olive oil samples were classified as EVOO according to International olive council (IOC) regulations. Turkish virgin olive oils characterized by low linoleic and palmitic, and high oleic acid contents.

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Ghanbari Shendi, E., Sivri Ozay, D., & Ozkaya, M. (2019). ХАРАКТЕРИСТИКА ПРОФІЛЮ ЖИРНИХ КИСЛОТ ТУРЕЦЬКОЇ ОЛИВКОВОЇ ОЛІЇ «ЕКСТРА». Food Science and Technology, 13(4).
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