Food Science and Technology

ISSN-print: 2073-8684
ISSN-online: 2409-7004
ISO: 26324:2012

Дослідження фізико-хімічних, органолептичних та дієтичних властивостей ковбас з ферментованою фореллю через пробіотичні штами та жирозамінник


Aghdas Sadeghi
Vahid Hakimzadeh
Esmaeil Salehi
Hasan Rashidi


Decrease in nitrosamine and optimal smell and flavor gives credit to such meat products as fermented sausages for their considerably optimal storage period and better nutritional values. Replacing red meat with fish and using fat replacer and probiotics in such products have played a great role in the production of such a highly functional food. Therefore, the focus of this study is mainly on the production of fermented trout sausages applying lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Plantarum, substituting part of its fat with inulin (2% of the total fat of the formulation) while examining the physicochemical, textural, dietary, and sensory properties and comparing with control sample, too. The effect of the inulin present in formulation, the type of probiotic strains, and life time (30 days) influencing the physicochemical and textural properties and nitrosamine samples were compared in three ten-day periods as independent valuables completely randomized factorial design. Sensory evaluation was also performed at the end of the 30-day maintenance period. Results suggest that samples with inulin content have experienced less moisture loss during storage. Little fat was also observed in probiotic content samples at the end of the storage. The pH value in the probiotic samples, as compared to the control sample, shows more decline. Inulin content samples caused a marked decline in lightness and an increase in redness. Meanwhile, probiotic presence has caused more declines in lightness intensity in samples. Inulin content samples show more hardness as compared to high fat samples and the probiotics present after pH decline to isoelectric point caused an increase in intensity and hardness of protein fibers. Simultaneously, along with an increase in fat, cohesiveness increased. Nitrosamine content in probiotic samples was lower than the one in test sample much as there was an increase seen in all samples. Despite a little more odor being present, sensory analysis was in favour of the test samples. Other samples demonstrated little difference in sensory evaluation.

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Sadeghi, A., Hakimzadeh, V., Salehi, E., & Rashidi, H. (2021). Дослідження фізико-хімічних, органолептичних та дієтичних властивостей ковбас з ферментованою фореллю через пробіотичні штами та жирозамінник. Food Science and Technology, 15(1).
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