Food Science and Technology

ISSN-print: 2073-8684
ISSN-online: 2409-7004
ISO: 26324:2012



O. Benderska
A. Bessarab
B. Iegorov
M. Kashkano
V. Shutyuk


The article analyzes the biological value of secondary products of tomato processing, namely tomato seeds, which, for the most part, is not considered as an object of processing. The use of secondary raw materials formed in the production of tomato products as a source of biologically active substances with their subsequent use in food technology is proposed. The results of theoretical and experimental studies of the biological value of tomato seeds. It has been found that tomato seeds have a high nutritional and biological value due to the high concentration of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Accordingly, this value complies with modern recommendations on healthy diet for the population. Also, tomato seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, macro- and micronutrient elements, vitamin E, and fiber. However, its nutritional value is substantially reduced by natural biologically active anti-alimentary substances, namely proteinase inhibitors. A first experimental is antinutrients tomato seeds.  А number of trypsin inhibitors of tomato seeds use micronating processing , a significant reduction has been achieved. The use of hydrothermal and micronization treatment of tomato seeds to reduce the activity of trypsin inhibitors is proposed. Hydrothermal treatment for 40 min at a water temperature of 90..100°C reduced trypsin inhibitory activity by 1..3% from baseline. Thus, when you stand micronating processing maturity during 60s reducing  trypsin inhibitors is about 34 % and for biological maturity is 28.8%. It was found that  technology tomato seeds processing allows to obtain a biologically valuable product, which is mainly represented by lipid up to 40%, as well as significant content of protein substances, carbohydrates and fibre. The purpose of this paper is the study of chemical composition and biological value of secondary tomato resources, namely tomato seeds, as well as researching the possibility of its application in food technology. It is also concerned with determination of quantitative and qualitative composition of anti-nutrients of tomato seeds and selection of ways to decrease the activity of anti-nutrients of tomato seeds.

Ключові слова:
томати, протеїнази, насіння, інактивація, трипсин


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Benderska, O., Bessarab, A., Iegorov, B., Kashkano, M., & Shutyuk, V. (2021). БІОЛОГІЧНА ЦІННІСТЬ ПОБІЧНИХ ПРОДУКТІВ ПЕРЕРОБКИ ТОМАТІВ. Food Science and Technology, 15(1).
Біопроцеси, біотехнологія харчових продуктів, БАР