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Technological characteristics of yeast-containing cakes production using waxy wheat flour


K. Iorgachova
O. Makarova
K. Khvostenko


This article shows the feasibility of using waxy wheat flour, the starch of which doesn`t contain amylose, in order to stabilize the quality of yeast-containing cakes. The influence of the waxy wheat flour mass fraction and the stage of its adding on the physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the products are studied. According to the technological properties of a new type of wheat flour, two methods of its adding are proposed ‒ adding the maximum amount of waxy wheat flour at dough kneading stage or using the mixture of waxy and bakery wheat flours for kneading sourdough and dough. It is shown that the replacement of 60 % bakery wheat flour with waxy wheat flour in the recipe of yeast-containing cakes at the dough kneading stage contributes to the production of products with higher quality and organoleptic characteristics compared to both the control and cakes based on a mixture of different types of wheat flour. These samples are characterized by increased by 1.7 – 11.3 % specific volume, porosity – 2.6 – 5.5 % and the total deformation of the crumb – 6.5 – 41.4 %.
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Iorgachova, K., Makarova, O., & Khvostenko, K. (2016). Technological characteristics of yeast-containing cakes production using waxy wheat flour. Food Science and Technology, 10(4).
Технологія і безпека продуктів харчування
Біографія автора

K. Iorgachova, Одеська національна академія харчових технологій

Кафедра харчової хімії, доцент


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