Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s

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The article deals with the issues of modern snail breeding in Ukraine, problems and prospects for their cultivation. The main areas of use of snails are classified. With the proper cultivation of snails, the business is profitable, because meat and slime of snails are expensive, have a lot of useful qualities. The characteristic of the farms for the production of snails in Ukraine and the products of snails - snails, meat, caviar, mucus. The volumes and methods of growing snails in the world and Ukraine have been analyzed, the tendency of annual increase in livestock and consumption of snails, especially in Europe, is formed, which creates favorable market conditions that guarantee the constant demand for products of activity of snail farms in Ukraine. It was established that in 2018 volumes reached 750 thousand tons. The data of the main countries of producers, importers and consumers of snails in the world are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of the production of snails are determined in comparison with the cultivation of farm animals. The analysis and characterization of feed supplementation for Ahatinka snails and grain-calcium blend used in Ukraine is provided. Objects of research - Snails Akhaten and snails grape Helix pomatia, fodder for snails. Scientifically substantiated and calculated recipe of full-feed compound for snails using the software complex KormOptimaExpert, which includes grain, protein mineral components and biologically active substances. The step-by-step scheme of technology of production of mixed fodders for snails is indicated, indicating technological regimes of production, according to which experimental samples of mixed fodder are made. The physical, chemical and microbiological indices of full-fodder mixed fodders for the snails were studied. According to the organoleptic, physical properties and chemical composition, ready-mixed fodder for snails meets the requirements of the State Standard of Ukraine. The results of the zootechnical evaluation of the developed mixed fodder, according to which it was established that feed for snails during feeding gives a positive zootechnical effect, since the size of the shell at the end of the experiment relates to the commodity, the increase in the mass of snails increased by 13.6%, and the length by 30% at the coefficient the usefulness of a feed is equal to 1,2 ... 1,5.

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