Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s

ISSN-print: 2313-478X
ISSN-online: 2411-3921
ISO: 26324:2012



S. Sots
I. Kustov
Y. Kuzmenko
O. Vereshchynskyi


In the given article the existing technologies of hulled oats grain processing into groats products were analyzed. The possibilities of using new breeding varieties of oats to improve existing technologies were analyzed. Advantages using naked oat varieties for the production of groats and flakes were considered. Results of research influence intensity of pearling and water heat treatment on yield of pearled groats and its quality indicators were shown. The high efficiency of use naked oats for the production of pearled groats with regulated quality indicators was determined. It was found that the technologically expedient moisture content of naked oats before pearling is 12-12.5 %. In the pearling the grain with this humidity depending on the duration of pearling yield of groat estimated to range between 78 94 %. Use as raw materials naked oats increase yield of pearled groats at 1.4-1.6 times in compared to processing of conventional varieties. Modes of preparation of pearled groats for flaking was investigated, feature their influence on the yield and qualities of flaked groats were determined. Analyses of the physical properties of the obtained flaked products were conducted. It was found that the technologically expedient moisture content of pearled naked oats groats before steaming is 17-17.5 %. After steaming groats with this moisture yield of flaked groat estimated to range between 84,3 93,6 %. The main stages of processing naked oats into groats products were determined. The technological scheme of processing naked oats for producing groats and flakes were developed. The technological scheme of processing hull-less barley and naked oats for producing groats, flakes, mixtures of groats and flakes were developed. Technology includes grain cleaning stage, grain water heat treatment, pearling, sorting of pearling products, pearled groat water heat treatment, mixing, flaking, drying, and control of end products.

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Sots, S., Kustov, I., Kuzmenko, Y., & Vereshchynskyi, O. (2020). FEATURES OF PROCESSING OATS INTO GROATS PRODUCTS. Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s, 19(4), 30-36.


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