Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s

ISSN-print: 2313-478X
ISSN-online: 2411-3921
ISO: 26324:2012



O. Karunskyi
О. Voietska
I. Cherneha
V. Fedoryaka


The further development of animal husbandry requires more active involvement of all factors that increase milk and meat production. The widespread use of recyclable canning production in the diets of farm animals is one of the important resources for strengthening and developing the feed base. Efforts aimed at the practical solution of the problem of the use of secondary raw materials of the food industry are rightly considered at the same level as the implementation of measures to increase the yield of fodder crops. In conditions of production, animals are not always provided with complete diets, especially for protein, vitamins and other biologically active substances. One method of balancing pigs' diets for nutrients and biologically active substances may be to feed them tomato shoots. Tomato squeezes can replace some of the forage that is included in the feed mix. Tomato shoots have a wide range of biological activity, and therefore using them as a feed additive can normalize the metabolic processes of the animal body, improve the function of the digestive system. However, there are no clear guidelines for the inclusion of tomato shoots in pig feeds today. In addition, there is still no consensus among researchers on the relatively optimal way of harvesting, preserving and storing these unconventional feeds. The purpose of the work was to justify the optimal levels of tomato shoots animals in the feed for young pigs for fattening. In the course of the research, the chemical composition and nutritional value of tomato shoots were analyzed, compound feed recipes were developed with partial replacement of grain components for tomato shoots, the effect of the developed compound feeds on feeding them on the growth of pigs and peculiarities of the influence of tomato buds were studied, their rational use in pig production is substantiated.
The results of the experiment indicate the feasibility of replacing in the feed for the repair of young pigs part of the raw material for tomato shoots. Studies have shown that feeding young pigs with tomato shoots leads to a slight decrease in the digestion of nutrients. Analysis of the daily average nitrogen balance indicates better deposition of it in the body of the animals of the experimental groups, which fed 10 and 15 % of tomato shoots. At feeding of 20 % of tomato shoots nitrogen balance worsened considerably.

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Karunskyi, O., VoietskaО., Cherneha, I., & Fedoryaka, V. (2020). ЕФЕКТИВНІСТЬ ВИКОРИСТАННЯ ТОМАТНИХ ВИЧАВКІВ У ВІДГОДІВЛІ СВИНЕЙ. Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s, 20(1), 36-40.


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