Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s

ISSN-print: 2313-478X
ISSN-online: 2411-3921
ISO: 26324:2012



О. Fesenko
V. Lysyuk
S. Nemenuscha


The article is devoted to the topical problem of controlling the contamination of grain products with agricultural pests at the facilities of the grain processing industry. The authors consider the use of one of the most effective methods of disinfection of grain products - fumigation, which, provided it is carried out competently and in a timely manner, avoids unwanted losses of grain and grain products. The characteristics of the main chemicals that are widely used as fumigants are presented. The article summarizes fumigants used in advanced countries of the world and are an alternative to the banned methyl bromide. A brief overview of modern fumigants allowed by the legislation of Ukraine is given, the existing problems of the domestic market of pesticides are revealed. Given that the effectiveness of fumigation depends on compliance with the technology of fumigation, special attention in the article is paid to the procedure for disinfection of grain products by fumigants. The authors analyse in detail the regulatory framework of this issue, safety rules, the use of personal protective equipment. The characteristic features and consequences of harmful effects of fumigants on the human body human body and the environment in the conditions of changing the order of disinfection of grain products are revealed. All grain processing enterprises have strict safety requirements for fumigation and degassing works. Training of experienced specialists is one of the important prerequisites for the safety of disinfection, so this article suggests ways to solve the problem of staff training. Emphasis is placed on the need to improve the regulatory mechanisms for regulating the quality control of both fumigants and fumigation works.

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FesenkoО., Lysyuk, V., & Nemenuscha, S. (2020). REGULATORY AND LEGAL PROVISION OF THE PROCESS OF DISINFECTION OF GRAIN AT GRAIN PROCESSING FACILITIES. Grain Products and Mixed Fodder’s, 20(3), 4-9.


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